Oregon High School Solar Car Team


Team Goals

We are a group of High School students from Bend, Oregon. Our Team is building two solar-powered cars to race as part of the Solar Car Challenge. Each year, this race is held in Texas, sometimes on a track and sometimes cross-country or both. Our goal is to build a car that is strong, fast and light enough to make laps around the Texas Motor Speedway while still being safe and powered only by the Sun. 

Throughout the week, our team does a number of different things. On any given day, we may talk with sponsors, scientists or mechanics to better understand cars and how to make ours work better. We may also fundraise, design or build a car, or make plans for where our team is headed. Each day we meet, we all learn a lot.

At solar car, we work with electronics, batteries, solar modules, steering columns, suspensions, roll bars, body and framework, designing software and many other things. 

Currently, our team is working on making our car, Heliocentric, more durable and road-ready.


 To make our team function better, we've split ourselves up into some different crews. Team members can function on any or all of the crews, so everyone gets a chance to try something new and learn about different aspects of our team. The crews all get assigned different tasks, depending on what area of the car the crew works on. Everyone has something to do on the team.

  •  Mechanical Crew: 

    The Mechanical Crew builds the car. Inside and out, our mechanics design and build everything structural on the car. They keep it rolling, going straight, strong and safe. Our mechanics ensure the car can move, brake, and operate safely.

  • Electrical Crew:

    The Electrical Crew builds all the electronic components of the car. They designed the electrical system of the car. This system includes the Solar Modules, batteries, Motor, On/Off switches, fans and all the buttons on the dashboard.

  • Composite Crew:

    The Composite Crew fixes up the outsides and insides of the car. Both our frame and body are made of carbon fiber- a composite material primarily used in planes. The composite crew adds or removes things from the frame and body to make our car look and work better.

  • Financial Crew:

    The Financial Crew keeps track of the team’s finances. They help the team decide how and when to spend money, and also keep track of how much money the team makes by selling bracelets and raffle tickets.

  • Publicity Crew:

    The Publicity Crew tells people about the team. They update the website, facebook and twitter pages. This Crew also organizes events and makes posters, presentations and Business Cards.